Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Dinner to Remember

Viper Head Custodian is a Difference Maker

The head custodian at Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School, Mr. Rick Fink, recently got a taste of good ole fashioned Viper spirit.

On this memorable evening, following a long day at work, Mr. Fink decided to grab a quick meal at Subway for dinner to take home and eat with his wife. After standing in line and placing his order, he approached the register to pay for the food.

"I was waiting to pay for dinner," reflected Mr. Fink, "and someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and said, 'Yes, ma'am?'"

"Can I pay for that?" the woman asked.

A bit shocked and a lot surprised, Mr. Fink thanked the woman for her offer but insisted he was just fine paying for his own meal. "That's okay. I've got it," he told the woman.

"No, you don't understand," the woman said. Mr Fink was confused. No, he didn't understand. One doesn't exactly expect to encounter acts of random kindness at a local fast-food restaurant.

The woman continued, "I had a son graduate from Space Coast in 2008 and my daughter goes to school there now. Over the years, I've seen you running around taking care of all of the students and the teachers. You're always running and working hard. I'd really like to pay for your dinner."

Grateful for the gesture, Mr. Fink hugged and thanked the woman. Explaining why he works as hard as he does, Mr. Fink said, "I had two kids graduate from Space Coast, too. Someone did it for my kids and I'm just repaying for other people's kids." 

As Mr. Fink was leaving, he waved at the kind woman and her daughter, thanked them again, and walked out with a feeling which educators savorknowing he had made a lasting difference in the lives of this family.

Mr. Rick Fink, the Head Custodian of Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School,
has served the students, staff, and community for nearly a decade.

William James wrote, "Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does." Educators everywhere take delight in knowing their daily efforts make the world a better place. For Mr. Fink, this random act of kindness by a thoughtful Viper family served as a reminder that he is, indeed, making the world a better place for students, parents, and the community.

"It caught me off guard," said Mr. Fink. "When you least expect it, you know, people do notice what we do."

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Congressional Recognition for Viper Volunteers

Viper Volunteers Receive 
Congressional Recognition

Part of what makes Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School such a special place for teachers to teach and for students to learn is the caring spirit of so many our Viper students and staff.

On August 10th, five Viper seniors received a Special Congressional Recognition from the office of Congressman Bill Posey, along with a certificate of appreciation for their efforts in volunteering for United Way's Summer "Feed and Read" Program, which benefits undernourished kids in Brevard County. The program is affiliated with The Children's Hunger Project and Face of Change, and provides lunch and food twice a week to children 18 and under.

In support of the Powell neighborhood in Melbourne, FL, some of Space Coast's brightest and hardest working students volunteered their time to participate in the program. The program involves providing families in need with nonperishable food items to take home, as well as a ready-to-eat lunch on the spot. As lunch is being served, volunteers like senior Catie Prudhomme help promote literacy by reading to young children.

Catie has volunteered with the program for each of the last two summers. "My favorite part is reading to the kids," said Catherine. "I was reading a story called Snow Buddies and every dog that was in the book, one kid kept saying, 'That's MY dog!' He was hilarious!"

Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School senior Catie Prudhomme reads
to a child as part of the Summer Read and Feed Program.
Picture from 

For senior Bryan Santiago, the best part about volunteering was improving the quality of life for the young children the program serves. "The best part is seeing smiles on the kids' faces whenever you're reading to them."

Senior Amber Fitzpatrick reflected on the value of volunteering in the Summer Feed and Read Program. "I love helping people," said Amber. "I also love reading, and I like being able to share that with kidsespecially kids that don't typically have a lot of books to read at home."

Children not only benefit from the joy of having volunteers read to them, but they also get to take a book home. "After we start reading a book with them, if they don't get a chance to finish it, they still get the opportunity to take the book home and finish it at their house," said Amber. "The book is theirs to keep. Every week, they can come in and get a new book."

For senior Will Prudhomme, this summer marked the fourth time participating in the Summer Feed and Read Program. "All the little kids seemed really excited about coming to get books. Every kid gets a book, a packed lunch, and a meal for dinner that is already packaged and ready to go."

Viper seniors received Special Congressional Recognition
for their role in promoting literacy in the local community.

"The best part was seeing people who don't have a lot of food get fed," said senior Brooke Stover. "Sitting down, interacting with everyone, playing with the kids was a lot of fun."

Space Coast Junior Senior High School is proud of the efforts of these Viper seniors to make a positive difference in the community. With their caring spirit and diligent work ethic, the sky is the limit for how successful they will be in the future.

For more information about this volunteer project, please visit Summer Feed and Read Program.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Slam Jam

Nothing says 
‘Welcome Back Students!’ 
Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School’s 4th annual celebratory kickoff to another 
successful school year. 
SLAM JAM was packed with fun activities and interactive entertainment, complete with a DJ, music, dancing, basketball, table tennis, hula hooping, cornhole, and other fun activities and interactive entertainment for hundreds of 7th-12th grade students. Many members of the faculty and staff volunteered their time to plan and participate in this student-centered, school-spirited event. 

Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School prides itself on the highest standard of academic achievement, but there were no tests or quizzes at SLAM JAM—just plain fun. The creator of the event, devoted teacher Dana Michell, said, “Slam Jam offers something fun for everyone!” 

Students enjoyed a 'dance-off' to share their excitement
for the beginning of another school great year.

Viper students have a reputation of working very hard in the classroom,
and they also know how to band together and make fun memories at events like Slam Jam.

Students had plenty of time to hang out with friends and get to know other
classmates in between games of 4-by-4 Jenga and other recreational activities.

"Slam Jam this year was fun and exhilarating," said 10th grader Justin Freeman. 
"There were tons of games to play and gave people time to catch up with friends. 
It was even good for the new kids here to unwind and be themselves.

Along with a number of other fun activities,
a lot of students participated in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament.

There are some skilled cornhole players at Space Coast!

Sponsored by the SGA and other school clubs, SLAM JAM was FREE for all students, which included open participation in all events along with free dinner and drinks. Many of these school clubs set up tables to promote their organization, which appeal to a wide variety of grades, interests, hobbies, sports, and career goals to encourage a more balanced and rewarding 
educational experience for students.  

Thanks to everyone who made this year's SLAM JAM our best welcome back event yet for students! With a kickoff like this one, Principal Robert Spinner and the entire staff at Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School is looking forward to what will surely be a spectacular 2015-2016 school year!

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