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Homecoming Highlights School Spirit

Viper Students Get Hyped about Fun, Memorable Activities of Homecoming Week

Academic excellence isn't the only thing Viper students take seriously.

Having fun gets it fair share of attention, especially during Homecoming Week.

The Agenda: Spirit week. Pep rally. Home football game. Formal dance to cap it off.

The Result: Fun. Fun. Fun. And more fun.

Spirit week included Hero vs. Villian Day, Into the Past/Into the Future Day, and Class Pride Day in which each grade level sported a different color to support the same school spirit. As the themes changed day-to-day, the common denominator once again was fun as students displayed creative and unique ways to express themselves as they displayed fervent and united school spirit.

"It was funny watching everyone dressing up in crazy costumes," said Corn Fulton, a senior. "I liked seeing everyone's creativity and to see what they can come up with."

During Spirit Week, seniors showed the rest of the school
their interpretation of what it means to "Dress to Impress."

The pep rally featured enthusiastic crowds of students sporting Viper purple and packing the gymnasium in bleacher sections representing each high school grade level. The crowd cheered wildly during a personalized introduction of each member of the cheerleading squad, the football team, and the Homecoming Court.

"It was the loudest pep rally I've been to," said Tyler Baker, a senior.

"It was super loud," said Colin White, a senior who plays drums for the band and also served on the Homecoming Court. "My ears were ringing when I got home. It was really cool to see everyone get so hyped."

The Spirit Stick is a traditional competition to test which class shows the most school spirit. Mr. Eusebio Solis, the Athletic Director/Activities Coordinator, takes turns hoisting the Spirit Stick in front of each class at the pep rally. The class with the most cacophonous cheers wins the Spirit Stick.

"The pep rally was fun," said Corn. "There is so much competition between classes. Everyone talking all day between classes, people talking about how they were going to win the Spirit Stick. I like competition. I like seeing how much spirit people have got."

"Everyone gets so hyped up at the pep rally," said Tayla Powers, a senior. "It was amazing winning the Spirit Stick. There's always a lot of competitive talk between classes, and it was nice winning the Spirit Stick. Especially being seniors, we want to be on top."

Members of every high school class gave it all they had,
but only one classthe Seniorscame away with the coveted 'Spirit Stick.' 

The pep rally also featured some entertaining Tug-of-War battles. The first one had members of the football team on both sides. 

The pep rally featured a number of entertaining activities, including Tug-of-War, Viper Style.

The second and even more entertaining Tug-of-War match featured five of the strongest football Varsity football players against the cheerleading squad. Pretty obvious which side would win, right?

"Tug-of-War was the funnest part of the pep rally," said Tamra Tillman, a sophomore cheerleader. "My favorite part was going against the football players. That was the highlight of the pep rally."

The Homecoming football game pitted the hard-hitting Vipers against district rival Merritt Island High School Mustangs. At halftime, couples of the glamorous Homecoming Court had the privilege of circling the track in some of the fanciest Corvettes students could dream about riding in. 

What were girls of the Homecoming Court talking about as they prepared to ride around the track? "We were asking each other how we should wave. Someone said, 'Do the princess wave!' and I was like, 'No!'" said Tayla with a smile.

The ladies of the Homecoming Court captivated a stadium full of spectators as they circled the track in fancy Corvettes during Halftime of the Homecoming football game.

Following their Corvette rides around the track, the magnificently dressed couples lined up at midfield as a stadium full of fans applauded the entire Homecoming Court for their outstanding representation of Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School throughout the week.

These members of the 2015-2016 Homecoming Court bring a great deal of pride to Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School. 

After the stadium full of fans applauded the entire Homecoming Court for their outstanding representation of Space Coast Junior Senior High School throughout the week, the announcement was made of the 2015-2016 Homecoming King and Queen.

Corn was honored as the Homecoming King. "I was surprised," said Corn. "Once I heard my name called, that's when it all really hit me. Just a happy moment. Knowing my Mom was there and hearing my friends cheer for me. I was really amazed."

"When they called Corn's name, we were really excited," said football team member Jordan Yount, a junior. "That's a brother on the field. Corn and I used to play Pop Warner together so I was happy for him."

Even more special was standing alongside the Homecoming Queen, long-time friend and fellow senior, Tayla. "Tayla has been my friend since 4th grade," said Corn. "We made jokes, laughed, took pictures, and enjoyed the moment."

"It's crazy to think I've been here since 7th grade and I wind up winning my senior year," said Tayla. who plans on studying sports medicine with the goal of becoming a sports doctor. "Almost everyone was telling me congratulations. It makes me proud and accomplished."

Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School is proud to present:
Homecoming Queen, Tayla Powers, and Homecoming King, Corn Fulton.

Corn scored 3 touchdowns in a close, intense game but the Vipers fell just short of victory. "I wish we would have won but as hard as the team tried, it didn't work out how we wanted it to."

Around 500 students attended the Homecoming dance. The dreamy, extravagant decorations along with flashy, colorful strobe lights and popular, upbeat music delivered on the promise of making the dance "A Night to Remember."

"The dance was pretty cool," said Colin. "Got to hang out with people. Cut some rug. Stay up past bedtime."

"I loved the theme," said Tamra. "It was really original. It was organized. The music was good this year. I liked it a lot. Everybody was really friendly."

The Homecoming Queen and King display their crowns in front of the Viper Homecoming Express, part of the incredible decorations the SGA put together for the Homecoming Dance themed "A Night to Remember."

Homecoming activities come and go after a week, but the impact on the students lasts much longer. "During Homecoming the environment is nothing negative," said Corn. "Just positive vibes. I made a lot of new friends. You see people for the first time during Homecoming week, and after that, when you see them around school, you're a lot more comfortable talking and being friends. So Homecoming is a great way for people to get to know each other."

"A lot of school spirit," said Jordan. "I'll remember most seeing the effort given from everybody from the admin, the teachers, the custodiansnot just the studentsto show their school spirit during Homecoming week. That made it even better and more fun for the students."

"The fact we're a junior-senior makes our school a little different," continued Jordan. "It's easier to get to know more people. No matter what you do as far as your extracurricular activities go, we're kind of like a family, the whole school."

Mrs. Dana Michell (Teacher) and Mr. Robert Spinner (Principal) joined an entire team of administrators, teachers, and staff in supporting students and reminding the youngsters that adults know how to have fun, too. 

Months before everyone else had the time of their lives enjoying the Homecoming activities, a group of dedicated Student Government Association (SGA) members worked tirelessly behind the scenes to brainstorm, plan, organize, and implement the events.

Mrs. Maria "Pants" Pantloni, a ceramics teacher, is the sponsor of the SGA. She works many extra hours to help support extracurricular activities favoring high levels of student engagement. "I don't know what to say other than I work with a really great group of kids," said Mrs. Pantloni.

Led by Salud Martinez (President) and Danielle Adkins (Vice-President), the SGA far exceeded everyone's expectations during Homecoming week. Danny Bowen, a junior, is the Treasurer of the SGA. "The goal of SGA is to bring unity and spirit to the school, and to boost the morale of the students and teachers," said Danny. "I'm hoping in the future we can become even more efficient and improve our communication to continue creating a positive perception of our school."

Mrs. Maria Pantloni, pictured with many members of the SGA along with other Viper students, provided guidance for the SGA as they planned a Homecoming week that will always be remembered for its fun and community-building activities.

If Viper students took a Fun Test during Homecoming week, they would have passed with flying purple. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the SGA, students will remember this Homecoming for a lifetime.

Special thanks to Ms. April Daniels (Teacher) and the yearbook team for sharing many of the photos used in this story. Pre-order your yearbook by October 16th and save $20! 

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