Thursday, September 17, 2015

Outstanding Young Adult Award Recipients

Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce Honors Viper Seniors for Academic Excellence, Strong Leadership, and Exceptional Character

The future just got even brighter for six high-achieving Viper seniors. 

Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School students Jonathan Guarine, Allison Hilton, Salud Martinez, Cassidy Michonski, Catie Prudhomme, and Nicole Reynolds were recently selected for the Outstanding Young Adult Award by the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce.

This program has a long history, having recognized exceptional students at our local high schools for more than 25 years.  Seniors are selected from each of the three North Brevard high schools:  Astronaut, Space Coast, and Titusville.  One student from each school will be recognized each month at a Chamber luncheon.  Student recognition will take place in October, November, January, February, March and April. 

“Selection for this award is not easy; there are many students that have exceptional scholastic and service records,” stated Marcia Gaedcke in the Outstanding Young Adult Application Form.  Ms. Gaedcke serves as President of the Titusville Area Chamber of Commerce.  

While each student’s scholastic record weighs heavily in this application, the Chamber of Commerce looks for well-rounded individuals that have exhibited strong leadership skills during their high school career.  Community Credit Union will also recognize these students by displaying their senior portrait.

"It is a token of your success, and is very rewarding because you realize all of the hard work you've been doing is paying off," said Salud. "Thank you very much to the Chamber of Commerce for selecting me. I know a lot of applicants were considered and I'm grateful they saw something in me." 

"I received a letter and I was really nervous because it was from the Chamber of Commerce," said Cassidy. "When I opened it, it said, 'CONGRATULATIONS!' in giant blue letters. I started crying. It just feels so awesome to be able to be recognized for all of my years of hard work and dedication to school and the community."

"I feel like it has been something that you build up over the years," said Catie. "You don't even expect people to recognize you for the things you are doing. You are just trying to make the world a better place in whatever way you can." 

The Titusville Chamber of Commerce recently honored six senior Vipers with the Outstanding Young Adult Award in recognition of their stellar character, academic achievements, and active community service.

"I'm proud to be recognized as a leader in the school and in the community," said Nicole. "I hope to continue to influence people in a meaningful way through community service and being a positive role model to others." 

"When I got the mail, I saw the letter from the Chamber of Commerce and noticed it was addressed to me," said Allison. "I flipped the envelope over and I could see it said 'CONGRATULATIONS' through the envelope and I started screaming and jumping with joy!" 

"It was a great honor to be recognized by the Titusville Chamber of Commerce," said Jonathan. "It was really amazing to be able to look back at all of my accomplishments and be proud of who I have become and knowing I have helped others. The award wasn't only about academics. It was also about personal character." 

Principal Robert Spinner stated, “We are so proud of their accomplishments and recognize that they are the leaders of tomorrow.  These students are an example of the outstanding leaders that we have at Space Coast, and we will continue to monitor their future successes.”  

One thing is for certain: The future has never been brighter for these award-winning Viper students.

Special thanks to Space Coast Jr./Sr. High School ATEPS/STEAM Academy Coordinator, Mrs. Judy Olson, for contributing to this story.

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